Family Karate – All Modules – White to Black Belt.

Who do we work with? Outdoor instructors, families and individuals who want more out of life and want to create or expand an active lifestyle. This program is an Adventure-based Martial Arts Training.

We are a Turn Key Consulting Organization dedicated to promoting the Art and Sport of Martial Arts.

Our program is for Adventure-Minded People who want to return to an Active Lifestyle and work with other people who love all Adventure based Activities. We work with people whose ultimate goal is to train others in Martial Arts for Self Defense, Fitness, Personal development and Sport, whether the “others” are students or your own family.

Alone or with a group.

Our members are interested in becoming Personal Trainers, Instructors and Leaders. We are also able to help home schoolers and small groups develop a program that fits their needs. This is done with a combination Solo and Home study with the opportunity for group events. We work with you at every level of development.

Karate helps you:
Improve discipline and focus; Improve your physical and mental health; Build self-esteem and strengthen self-confidence; Increase energy and concentration skills; Learn self-defense techniques; Build skills that will last a lifetime.
Some of the greatest leaders of our time have studied Martial Arts:
Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Howard Taft, Eisenhower, and the list goes on and on.

A Family Program

Our Program

FAMILY – Karate / Jujitsu Program. Join a Social Group and still train at home at your own pace, and still test, work and interact with instructors at live Workshop events. You can also receive 3rd party certification from a national organization. You will develop contacts and take part in physical practice with like minded students in your area. This program is a “Circuit Rider” training Program. You will have the option to attend workshops with instructors and take part in a weekend training and Testing Seminar or Distance Testing.

For all the Family

Train at home, Test Live. Attend Seminars.
Yes, we have a Video testing Option.
Do you Travel a Lot? This could be for you!
Are you a Student? This could be for you!
You can practice outside or in your room on the road.

Our Program – Family Kara Jujitsu Association
Not Just for Children – For Families of all ages. Young Adults, In or out of School. Also, for those “Empty Nesters” or Anyone Seeking A FAMILY atmosphere. We welcome anyone starting from the ground up. If you feel comfortable in a FAMILY setting we are for you.
Q: Do I Need Previous Experience? A: NO! If you Love Exercise, Family Events, History, and Just having FUN !! We are your Program.

Our School combines many of the traditional Forms from Shorin and the devastating self-defense of Kempo, combined with practical Jujitsu. Our instructors and Students are recognized and certified by National Independent Associations.

We also teach De-escalation, Recognition, and Degree of Response Training. Respect, Self-Respect, and How to Like yourself… This is hard for some people. The opportunity to gain contacts, Friends and Social Interaction.

Would you like to Learn at your own pace? Are you a Family or Single parent desiring to have time with your Child outside of TV and Video games? Would you like to Learn quickly and efficiently?

Would you like the option of Earning Nationally recognized, 3rd Party Testing Certifications and Belt ranks? Do you have a desire to learn Traditional Forms and Training but also want to learn the lean and fast moves used in self-protection?

Learn Step by Step

This is a private distance training program with optional live events.